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Company profile

The main profile of Komplex Media Ltd. is the production of roll labels, packaging materials, overprinting of multilayer laminated and laminated films printed with flexo technology, and comprehensive graphic design and preparation. In addition to traditional packaging technology, shrink sleeve printing and injection molding in-mold printing are important areas of our business that open up new perspectives in the field of label manufacturing and the industrial application of labels.

With our machine background, we are able to process a wide range of print media according to customer needs such as: papers, cartons from 60 up to 350 grams, metallized papers, paper self-adhesives, thermo paper self-adhesives, synthetic-based self-adhesives, laminated tube materials, flexible packaging materials films, glass sealing materials, vacuum-formable plastics, multilayer laminated packaging materials, thin monofilaments of 20 microns, more common shrink-sleeve films, and in-mold label materials.

Our printing capacity is capable of printing 8 colors at a time, with 530 mm width track with stepless servo drive. The printing press is equipped with a track turning machine so it can print both front and back simultaneously. The translator can be mounted between any printing press, allowing the maximum number of colors to be divided according to customer requirements. Maximum print length is 520 mm. The technology can also be used to apply special surface finishing techniques, such as foil wrapping, cold gilding, UV varnishing, matt and mold varnishing, and multiple layered labels.

Our technical background is at our disposal:

  • modern machine park with 6 water-based and 8 color UV printing
  • wide selection of quality ingredients
  • reliable production preparation
  • professional color management
  • comprehensive graphic administration
  • consultancy on developing a complete product line
  • many years production experience
  • good communication with customers
  • wide product range and reference
  • on-site consultancy
  • a well-functioning quality management system
  • flexible transition also for small series products
  • flexible service

Since the end of 2017 our company has been dealing with T-shirt printing. which is done by direct printing. This way, each t-shirt can even have unique graphics.

Our policy

The business policy of Komplex Média Kft. Is to provide fast, complete, professional, flexible and quality service to customer needs at competitive prices.

Quality: We provide every customer with the highest quality product.

Speed: Our staff is available for the fastest and best solution.

Low Prices: All sub-tasks are done on-site so that the cost of the product is not increased by subcontracting or brokerage fees.

Manufacturing Safety: Thanks to our know-how, our products are always manufactured to a high standard and within the maximum deadlines.